electrical meter in tyson's corner virginia

MKO Electric also installs main service panels that are frequently installed when a new meter needs to be added. We will call the utility company for you, pull the permit, and make sure everything is installed according to the National Electric Code.

Please contact  MKO Electric at 571-488-0978 or email us for more details.  

MKO Electric is an electrical construction company that serves the northern Virginia communities.  We provide 24/7 service with a team of highly qualified electricians.

Utility Electric Service Meters

MKO Electric provides services for utility meters. We primarily install new electric meters when we are in the new construction phase, but we also can change over your meter when performing a panel upgrade.

Services include:

-New utility meters coordinated with the utility company

-New service wiring 

-Energy audits to help you save on your monthly bill

-Smart meters

-Meters to monitor individual apartment units in a multifamily dwelling (and associated wiring)

-Meters to monitor individual equipment

-Metering for tenants in a commercial setting

-Current transformer replacement

-Troubleshooting meters that are malfunctioning

-New service

-New electrical panels and sub panels

elctrician installed an electric meter in Falls Church Virginia

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