Do you have electrical problems?

Do you have a receptacle that is not working? Or a breaker that consistently trips?  If you live in northern Virginia, MKO Electric has qualified electricians that can tackle any problem you may have.  We can troubleshoot and repair the issue.

Below is a common list of problems we get calls about that we can fix for you:

-Receptacle not working

-Circuit not receiving power

-Half of a circuit only receives power

-Circuit breaker constantly trips

-Microwave trips breaker constantly

-Lights dimming or flickering

-Complete power loss

-Many circuits do not work

-Plates for light switch hot to the touch

-You receive electric shocks when touching certain outlets

-Lights come on and off intermittedly

-GFCI not working

-AFCI not working

-Doorbell not working anymore

-Ceiling fan does not work

-Fixing/replacing old knob and tube wiring

-Replacing aluminum conductors from houses built in the '70's

-Security camera no longer functioning

-Replacing an old fuse box with a breaker panel

-Replacing fuses

-Installing/replacing light bulbs in hard to reach spaces

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-Photocell not working

-Generator problems

-Cannot open outdoor enclosure

-Wiring not correct

-Splices not inside a junction box

-Fixing other contractors work

-Smoke alarms are no longer operable

-Making an unfinished space (i.e. basement) a finished space.

-Motor control issues

Please call MKO at 571-488-0978 or email us and find out about all the services we can offer you.  If your problem is electrical and you live in Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier, Arlington, or Prince William counties, we can help.

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