GFCI receptacle in a home in Ashburn Virginia

MKO Electric can fix, replace and install receptacles

If you live in northern Virginia and you need a receptacle replaced or installed, look no further.  Whether you need an existing receptacle fixed, a GFCI/AFCI combination outlet installed, a USB plug mounted, or a receptacle behind your flat screen, we can assist you.  

Services include:

-New receptacle installed

-A series of new receptacles installed

-Receptacles upgraded to GFCI of AFCI 

-Correctly putting a grounded receptacle in where a two prong receptacle used to be

-Outdoor GFCI's

-Receptacles installed in finished locations (drywall added)

-Receptacles installed in unfinished areas (basements, for example)

-Conduit run where needed

-Testing receptacles for correct polarization

-Multi outlet assemblies

-Receptacles installed in WIREMOLD

-Receptacles with a split circuit

-Outlets that are switched (a lamp fed by a receptacle for example)

-Receptacles for 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 amp appliances

-Receptacles for various voltages.

This list is far from complete.  We can install receptacles for every appliance you can think of.  MKO Electric also installs car chaging stations that are commonly powered off of a 240 volt receptacle.

MKO Electric can do whatever electrical project you wish to tackle.  Please call us at 571-488-0978 or email us and we will be happy to assist you in whatever we can.

MKO Electric can add switches wherever you wish

Would you like a receptacle controlled by a switch to turn on and off that corner lamp?  Or would you like a flood light controlled by motion sensor switch?  The electricians at MKO Electric can help.

Our services commonly requested:

-Adding a switch for a light in a finished area (your living room for example)

-Adding a switch for an unfinished area (an attic light for example)

-Installing a motion sensor (or occupancy sensor)

-Dimmer switches

-Daylight harvesting control

-Lighting control relays and systems (LUTRON, for example)

-Running conduit for outdoor switches (PVC, Rigid, or EMT, for instance)

-Switches to control motors (commonly referred to as a disconnect switch. Think of your outdoor air conditioning condenser.)

-Pulling the wire to and from the switch (ROMEX, UF cable, MC cable,etc.)

-Changing out malfunctioning switches

-Troubleshooting switches 

-Creating outdoor accent lighting controlled by a switch

light switch at an office in northern Virginia

-Devising and installing switches that control energy management.  (For example, MKO can control what time your hot water heater is heating water. Installing a timer that turns off your hot water heater from 1 A.M. - 5 A.M. everyday can save you a lot of money on your utility bill. These are the times most families are least likely to need hot water.)

-MKO Electric can install the equipment to turn your home into a smart home.  You can turn on/off your lights from your office in Washington D.C. even though you live in Ashburn, Virginia for example.

This list above is far from complete.  The power coming into your home or business reaches its final device through a series of calculated switching.  That's why it is impossible to list every different way your power is switched.  But the point to take away here is that if you need electrical done work there's almost a 100% chance it is switched.  And MKO Electric can help you bring power to whatever it is you need power brought to.

Call us at 571-488-0978 or email us to receive a free, over-the-phone estimate.  You can also use our contact page if you wish to explain the problem through our contact form.

A tip on GFCI's before calling us or any other electrical service provider

A common service call we receive is from clients saying they have a circuit that is not working and all the breakers are 'on'.  We then routinely ask if all the GFCI's have been checked to see if they have opened up.  9 out of 10 times the GFCI's were forgotten about.  You see, if a GFCI opens up, it will shut off all other receptacles downstream from that GFCI.  The breaker will be on but the circuit will be without power.  So, in order to save yourself a service call from any electrical contractor, please check your GFCI's. 


National Electric Code requirements say you should have GFCI's anywhere where it is damp or wet - kitchens, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages, and outdoor receptacles.  Virginia enforces the NEC so your home or business should have GFCI protection in these areas.  

If you have no luck in eliminating your problem with this tip we provided, please give us a call today.

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