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Is your existing service panel undersized to meet today's electric demand?

If you have an older home (from the before the 60's), chances are that you may require an electric panel upgrade.  If your main breaker (or fuse) box looks smaller than most service panels you have seen, you probably have an undersized utility.  MKO Electric can help you. An undersized electric service panel can be a fire hazard-plain and simple. 


The energy demand back in the day wasn't as great as it is today, that's why a home built back then could withstand a smaller service size.

What MKO Electric can do to help you is to take an honest look at your electric demand.  We do that by placing an amp meter (a tool that reads how many amps are flowing through a wire) on your main service entrance conductors.  We will turn on all of your devices and appliances that you would be using during a normal day (we are searching for normal demand).  And from there we will show you what the amp meter reads.  If the current flowing through your main conductors is under the ampacity rating of the wire by a certain percentage, then you will not need a panel upgrade based on the amp measurement alone.  (There are other factors that could determine whether or not we recommend a panel replacement, such as if the wire is sized for the panel it is feeding for example.)

But the point we are trying to make here is that we let you decide whether or not you need a panel replacement.  At no point will we try to sell you on something you do not need.  All we will do during the initial assessment is give you our recommendations.

Below is a list of the services MKO can provide you when dealing with your electric panel:

-Panel upgrades (upgrading a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service, for instance)

-New service installation (if you are building a new home or office)

-Adding on sub panels (to your garage as an example)

-Installing utility meters (the meters your utility company uses to bill you on your energy used for the month)

-Running conduit if needed for a service

-Grounding the old or new service with ground rods, conductors attached to your cold water pipe, etc.

-Main disconnect switches

-Troubleshooting any problems you are experiencing with an electrical panel

-Replacing breakers and fuses

-Changing the old fuse boxes over to breaker boxes which are compliant with today's code

-Replacing damaged or undersized service entrance cables

This list is far from complete.  These are the services commonly requested from our customers.  If you have any questions or you believe you need some work done in regards to your electrical panel, please call us or email us so we can have a technician come out and give you an assessment. 

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