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MKO Electric can help you with installing a ceiling fan.  Our list of services for fans is below:

-New ceiling fan install

-Troubleshoot and repair old ceiling fans

-Install switches to operate both ceiling fan and light

-Hang a new ceiling fan when a junction box already exists

-Place a junction box in ceiling for a ceiling fan

-Run all wiring in both exposed and concealed walls

-Install outdoor ceiling fans on porches, decks, and patios

Ceiling fans help you save money

Yes, you read that correctly. Ceiling fans do indeed save you money.  It is estimated that in the summertime you can comfortably set your air conditioner's thermostat four degrees higher if your house has adequate ventilation supplied by ceiling fans.  And if you are not aware, your air conditioner is one of your biggest energy consuming appliances.  It draws a lot of current and this in turn causes your electric bill to be higher during the sweltering months.

Ceiling fans can also be used in the winter.  If set in the clockwise position, the blades help push the air up toward your ceiling.  You may be asking what is the point of air hitting the ceiling?  Well, the air tends to be warmer closest to your ceiling (heat rises). So the fan's clockwise blades cause the air to circulate from your ceiling,  down your walls, and eventually to the floor, until the whole process repeats itself.  This causes your room to be warmer.

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Why use MKO Electric?

No cutting corners

As expert, licensed electricians, we pride ourselves on a quality job and superior service. We comply with all workplace safety standards and obey the National Electric Code.  Our electricians care greatly about giving a good product and we have very high quality measures to ensure that you are receiving nothing but the best.  We are so serious about our service model that we back it up with a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs and installations.

You will never be treated as a number

Our business model revolves around creating long lasting, healthy relationships with our clients. This means that you will not feel like a 'sale' as we model ourselves on creating real relationships.  Our staff and field electricians are experts and will do whatever it takes to create and implement a solution for your home or business.

We value your time

If we say we are going to be there, our electricians will be there. For us, it is an honor that you chose us and we will make sure that we honor our appointment time we made with you. And remember, we guarantee this with our $50 cash back policy.

We will communicate with you from beginning to end

We will ensure that you realize you are working with a team that is knowledgeable and above all, trustworthy.  MKO Electric will communicate with you from start to finish, and talk over any detail or change that comes our way.

Attic fans, exhaust fans, supply fans, and more...

The purpose of an attic fan is to properly exhaust any hot air in the attic to help with the cooling of the house in the summertime.  They are usually controlled by an external or internal  thermostat that comes with the fan.  There is some controversy though as to the effectiveness of attic fans as some suggest that they actually pull out the air conditioned air through wall cracks and improperly sealed places in the house. The evidence can point in either direction so it is the discretion of the home owner to decide whether or not an attic fan replacement is necessary.

In industrial and commercial settings there are commonly large supply and exhaust fans in an area such as a parking garage.  MKO Electric can supply the power needed to run these fans or repair these fans if they are not turning on. Often times these large fans have a motor starter or variable frequency drive controlling them. We can check to see if you have any problems such as overload or over current conditions.

In residential, we can also power up exhaust fans used in a bathroom.

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